You can choose between the following 2 options:
Option 1 Surf & Sleep

6€ per month

With the SURF & SLEEP option you can store your surfboard at a surf camp or a bed & breakfast. Your board will not be used, it will only takes as decoration or kept in a separate storage room.

At the same time you can get to know the owners and find out about the best surf spots in the region or find new surf buddies.

If you choose this option, you agree that you will stay at least one night when you drop off or pick up your surfboard at the accommodation.

Option 2 Free Space

8,50€ per month

With the FREE SPACE option, we find a storage facility with friends of ours. Your surfboard will hang on a living room wall as a decoration or spend the winter in a safe garage.

There is no overnight accommodation. Your surfboard will be of course only used by you.