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How does the process work? How do I find storage space for my surfboard?

You should first decide which of the options SLEEP & SURF or FREE SPACE is suitable for you. Then send us a request with your preferences, for example: which option, your favorite region and other wishes.

We will try to find you a storage option in the desired region and then send you suggestions. This is all free of charge, only when we have found a suitable place for you and your surfboard, we would like that you book the option.

Can I store more at the location, like a bike?

Please let us know in your request, we will aks then the owner, it is usually possible.

How can I make sure that my surfboard is not used in the meantime?

So that there are no problems on both sides, we suggest you and the owner of the storage facility to take photos of the stored item before storage. It is also contractually stipulated that your surfboard may not be used and you will receive compensation if you should find damage, for example.

How often can I drop off and pick up my surfboard?

As often as you want. You can pick up your surfboard at the beginning of your surf trip and return it at the end. The best thing to do is to let the owner know some time before, so that they can be there. We will give you the contact details and help you in case of problems.

With the FREE SPACE option, we do not recommend that you hand in your board there and pick it up again every day, as it would cost the owner of the storage facility too much time. You should take your board with you during your surf vacation to your accommodation. Special regulations can be requested in advance.

Option SLEEP & SURF, with the option I have committed to staying one night on site when dropping off or picking up my surfboard. But the house if fully booked. Do I have to pay one night nevertheless?

No, you don't have to pay for the night, but you should inform the owner at least a week in advance so that there will be a bed available for you.

Can I cancel or switch options every month?

You can switch between the SURF & SLEEP and FREE SPACE options at any time. If you are not satisfied with the storage facility, we will try to find a new place for your surfboard as soon as possible.

This is a 12-month contract in which you pay the monthly fee in advance. After 12 months we will ask you again if you want to extend your contract.

You can also change the region within these 12 months, for example store your surfboard for 6 months in Portugal and 6 months in Spain.

How can I pay?

We prefer PayPal and will send you our transfer details as soon as we have found a suitable storage option for you.